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Mariel Reimann

Employment Discrimination

  • Despair treatment
  • Harassment
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Retaliation

Protected Classes

Extra classes in the State of Utah


May, 2016. Prohibits employers to TERMINATE or DENY employment opportunity

Has to provide RA if it’s not undue hardship

Can’t bring child to work
Doesn’t need medical certificate to get extra unpaid breaks
But the employer can ask for medical certification before providing the reasonable accommodation

Religious Liberty (May 2015)


Added to the already existing protected classes:

Gender Identity
Religious Freedom

Complaint raised from 6 to 8 to 30 in a year

Law: Grooming, dressing code according with their gender identity.
Bathrooms same.

Religious Liberty


Share religious or moral beliefs. If not harassing, destructive unless the expression is in direct conflict with the essential business-related interest of the employer.
Not adverse action for sharing the same including beliefs about family, marriage, and sexuallity outside of work.

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Mariel Reimann

Mariel Reimann estudió leyes en la Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina y vive en Salt Lake City, Utah. Es madre de dos hijas que son la luz de su vida.