¿Qué haces cuando tus hijos se ensucian? Increíble experimento demuestra lo que hay en el corazón de una madre

La próxima vez que se ensucien… espera.

Mariel Reimann

The video spread on social networks has captured the attention of millions around the world. It shows the reaction of «dislike» or disappointment of mothers to see their children dirty when picking them up from school. A video that they see later, gives them the least expected explanation of why their children are dirty.

The generosity they taught is reflected in the acts of kindness of their children

An incredible experience for mothers in the generosity of …

An incredible experience for mothers in the generosity of children. Mothers, prepare your handkerchiefs! Too exciting!

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The tender images show the unthinking reaction of the children to see an old man who has suffered an accident transporting plants in a wheelbarrow. Each of them wears a uniform with an impeccable white shirt. None of them hesitates to help and embark to achieve it.

Although children know their mothers will be angry to see that they got dirty, they also know that what they are doing is an act of love that their mothers can understand and appreciate.

Everything starts at home

A Chinese proverb reads: «If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap, if you want to be happy for a day, go fishing, if you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune, if you want happiness for life, help someone. «

A child is NEVER too young to learn to help others.

According to the specialists , as parents we can teach them to share and help others from a very early age. Doing this, brings them closer to living a life with less selfishness, greater gratitude and a sense of satisfaction with life; Therefore, greater happiness.


Become a role model

In the study, you can see the tears on the faces of these mothers, finding out that their children are dirty because they have helped someone and not because they have behaved badly. Without a doubt, for these women, helping others is something important and they have infused it to their children.

You can do the same by showing tolerance to your friends, family and the people around you. The empathy with which you treat others is the beginning of the teaching service to others.

Search for service opportunities with your children

I have from the family in which serving others has always been the main course of each day. I remember being 6 years old when a poor looking man, very poor and without shoes stopped at the door of my house to ask for help. My mom at that time was not going through a good economic situation; My dad had left our home and she was the only one who works to raise me and give me a good education.

She went out and gave him the food she had prepared for the two, she also gave him some coins from her bag. The man was tremendously grateful, and my mom came into my house with a big smile, as if she had just won the lottery.

I was hungry and wanted to eat the noodles that she had given away. She told me: «do not make a problem, we have more, to have the opportunity to give someone who needs it, than to remember that God always gives more».


With 6 years and with her face of happiness, what she had just done, she had all the sense of the world. While she was about to see what to cook with what we had left, someone knocked on the door again. This time it was a neighbor with a platter full of roast beef, salad, bread and even dessert.

«We cooked more and I thought maybe you wanted to enjoy these foods,» he explained.

Since that day, I never hesitate to give what I have, not what I have left, and never, never has God failed to give us blessings in abundance.

My daughters live daily the same kind of life and education that my mom gave me and they are volunteers in different organizations since they are 6 years old.

I propose a challenge

Find a place in your community, a neighbor, a relative, someone who needs your kindness, your love, and the love of your children, and takes the opportunity to serve and be happy for a lifetime and not just for some hours.


When you do, share your experience with us in a message and we will share your experience.

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Mariel Reimann

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